Founded in the Western Cape in 2011. The focus was, and is on servicing and protecting the Industrial, Commercial, Corporate and Residential industry.

Our ethics revolves around Safety, Security, Integrity and a disciplined work environment with consistent delivery standards of the highest quality. Best described as a company of good moral standards, protecting and giving back to the community is of utmost importance and thereby puts us ahead of the rest.

Aiming to get things done, accomplishing them above sub standard levels and keeping our commitment to safety and security to our clients is a value of extreme proportion.

Swart Security understands that security personnel and access control is of utmost importance to our business clients and hence understands the critical importance to keep families safe from intrusion and minimising risk within this harsh economical environment.

Facts about Swart Security:

We are proud to say that we:

  • Strive for perfection in all our deliveries.
  • Back our products 100% and have a good relationship with our suppliers to ensure that you, the Client can get the best service and products available.
  • Are linked to our own Ambulance Service, registered at all legal authorities and has its own Practice Number obtained from the Board of Health Care Funders to service Clients and claim directly from Medical Aids.
  • Make use of state of the art equipment in our Control Centre with backup systems to ensure 99.9% uptime in casses of emergency.
  • PSiRA Registered.

Mission Statement

At Swart Security we continuously strive to formulate long lasting partnerships in managing our Client’s security needs over and above the expected norm.

We always aim to deliver efficient, quality conscious and cost effective security solutions through our team of certified security professionals, turning our knowledge and expertise into a value for you, our Client’s own benefit.

Vision Statement

Swart Security is committed to rendering a professional service in the physical risk management environment of industrial, corporate and residential security by amalgamating innovative thinking with physical focused management of skilled personnel and advanced technology.

Swart Security endeavours to match itself with the leading security companies in the markets we do business in, managing growth in a controlled environment maintaining existing high levels of service also offering our employees personal and professional development opportunities, thus making a positive contribution to society.

At Swart Security we believe that values are only as good as the way in which  they are implemented. Each staff member is driven to commit to live by and implement these values on every level daily.